Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome to the ETF Maximizer Blog

Our sincere welcome to the first distribution of the ETF Maximizer Blog! 

This blog will complement the ETF Maximizer Newsletter with frequent updates including views on the market, introduction and application of new analysis methods and other information of keen interest to the subscribers of the ETF Maximizer Newsletter and others with an interest in ETF investing.             

The blog is open to the public and the link to it may be distributed freely.  (

To become a Follower to this blog simply fill in your email address in the Follower section in the upper right hand corner.  You will receive a confirmation email that you will need to respond to for completion of the process. That’s it.  The blogging software will automatically send you an email any day that new articles are posted (but, of course, will not send emails on days new articles are not posted).  

Just a note that we have done our "due diligence" in choosing this approach for more frequent information to those interested in ETF investing. We've examined the pros and cons of various of approaches including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, etc. We're now 100% convinced that for this objective, this approach will provide the most useful information in the timeliest manner with the least disruption. 

We look forward to having you join as a Follower.  Please drop us a line anytime you have suggestions for topics or enhancements to the blog.

Our very best regards, 
The 401k Maximizer Team